Empowering Childbirth & parenting education for everyone.


Whether it's your first or fourth baby, come join our whānau.


Our Story

Formed by parents, for parents over 25 years ago, Birth Wise is proud to provide Wellington whānau with an excellent antenatal programme and a postnatal community of like-minded individuals.

Our holistic approach means we:

  • provide information that helps parents make informed choices for birth and parenting

  • recognise each birth as a unique experience

  • provide parents and caregivers with ongoing support through two Birth Wise – organised reunions, postnatal support, coffee mornings, a network of parents, and up-to-date online and library resources.


Our Classes

We offer three courses to cover the varying stages and needs of both parents-to-be and those who have already had children.


early pregnancy courses

Birth Wise runs FREE single session courses designed for women and whānau in the first half of pregnancy, ideally in the first 12 weeks…

antenatal courses

Birth Wise runs a seven-week course of childbirth and early parenting classes for first and second (and third…) time parents and support partners…

Refresher courses

Birth Wise offers a refresher course to parents and partners of those who have already had one child. The course runs on a Sunday afternoon…