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Local ServiceS

We recommend our friends at:

Find Your Midwife is an online service that allows women to quickly and easily find an available midwife in their area.

Birth Spirit – New Zealander Maggie Banks’ website has information to support breech birth and home birth in New Zealand. Also available to order from here is NZ midwife-matriach Joan Donley’s book, Compendium for a healthy pregnancy and a normal birth.

La Leche League helps mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of baby and mother.

Natural Fertility New Zealand is uniquely placed to support women from puberty to menopause. NFNZ Educators can teach an individual or couple in a clinic to assess their individual fertility requirements to either avoid or achieve pregnancy. They also offer an education service to facilitate correspondence on sexual and reproductive health to groups.

Home Birth Aotearoa supports and celebrates home birth and provides birthing women and whānau with information about the home birth option.

BreastfedNZ is an app for iPhone and Android that provide simple ‘in the moment’ support and information to help women and their babies, alongside their partners and support networks, achieve their breastfeeding goals from birth to weaning.

Breastfeeding New Zealand is a Youtube channel and Facebook group run by a non-profit association whose mission is to promote and support breastfeeding through education and outreach in our community.


Zero to Three is an American, non-profit organisation that informs, trains, and supports professionals, policymakers, and parents in their efforts to improve the lives of infants and toddlers. Their series of podcasts, Little Kids, Big Questions feature interviews with experts and are available for download from their site.

Summer Warmth – White nipples after breastfeeding or sore nipples whilst pregnant? You may have Raynaud’s of the nipple. Learn how to stop the pain and buy products to keep warm.

Natural Winding – Advice and resources on how to calm colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload naturally.

Maternity Services Community Council is an organisation that promotes the rights of women throughout the birthing cycle, viewing birth as a normal life cycle event. The site offers information on how maternity care is provided in New Zealand and the options available to women.

Mother Nurture – “Every one of us, as a mother, has an enormous well of wisdom and intuition to draw upon. We also have something no other person can ever have – a deep understanding of and love for our own child as an individual human being. This site encourages a child-centred approach to parenting – a style which reflects your own life values, not someone else’s. A parenting style which creates a prolonged and healthy attachment between you and your child.”

Anna’s Birth Services – One of our experienced educators, Anna, is also a Doula. Anna’s services include birth or postnatal doula, accredited KGHypnobirthing courses, bespoke Mother Blessing or postnatal support following birth trauma. Anna believes that the benefits (to both parent and baby) of feeling equipped and supported during pregnancy, birth and beyond cannot be underestimated. Inspired, empowered, supported and confident.

Ascent Acupuncture – our friends at Ascent come along to teach our session on pain relief and acupressure during night 2 of our antenatal classes. Check out the wide-ranging benefits of acupuncture during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatally on their website.